The Alberta Student Awards Personnel Association was formed in 1970 by 16 Student Awards Officers from across the province with the support of the Students Finance Board and Ministry staff.  Membership fees for these founding members was $25.00 and the first conference was held in September 1972 in Banff.  Today, ASAPA consists of eighty-five members representing 25 of Alberta’s post-secondary institutions.

From the beginning, the purpose of ASAPA has been twofold.  The first is to provide an environment for the membership to learn together, and the second to use our unique perspective to advocate for improvements to student financial assistance programs.  These remain as relevant today as when ASAPA first began.

ASAPA continues to takes an active role in government policy reviews of student financial assistance.  With over thirty-five years of experience, ASAPA has become a respected and sought after voice by numerous stakeholder groups.

ASAPA also continues to provide professional development opportunities for our members through our annual spring and fall sessions.

In response to the increasing involvement of our members in the area of Skills Investment funding, a dedicated role was recently created on the ASAPA Executive.