Travel Expense Policy

It is the intention of the Association to cover all of the Executive Members’ costs associated with attending scheduled Executive Meetings and other approved business meetings and conferences with the exception of the Executive Meeting held in conjunction with ASAPA general meetings.

  1. All travel expense claims should be submitted to the Treasurer, who is responsible for approving such claims, within 30 calendar days of completing the business travel. In the case of an expense claim made by the Treasurer, the President or their designate shall be responsible for approving the claim.
  2. Original receipts normally must be attached for accommodations, public transportation and other individual expenses. Normally, credit / debit card statements or slips and cancelled cheques are not acceptable as receipts. Receipts should always include GST payable and the business’ GST Registration Number. Receipts are not required for meal allowances or personal vehicle usage.
  3. Executive Members are expected, whenever possible, to travel on most cost effective excursion or economy fares (i.e., advance booking or obtaining a seat sale fare).
  4. Travel insurance, if purchased, is the responsibility of the Executive Member.
  5. Executive Members are expected to use reasonably priced accommodations, and shall be reimbursed for the full cost of accommodations.
  6. Executive Members may claim a maximum per diem of $54.00 per day for meals and incidental expenses. The per diem rates are as follows: Breakfast – $9.00; Lunch – $15.00; Dinner – $25.00; and Incidentals – $5.00.
  7. Executive Members may claim the cost of all reasonable ground transportation to and from meetings (e.g., costs related to traveling between your home/office and the airport).
  8. Executive Members may claim $0.45 per kilometer for use of their personal vehicle to attend approved meetings.

Travel Expenses Policy Adopted: March 25, 2006;  Revised November 9, 2015